A poorly maintained parking area can send negative messages about the health of a company and how it treats its customers and employees.

Asphalt repair can be quick, easy and PERMANENT and save you money!

Asphalt repair and pavement preservation are crucial to extending the lifespan of any asphalt road, parking lot or driveway and saves money. EZ Street cold patch is a permanent asphalt repair to any roadway surface. Contractors and do-it-yourselfers can apply this simple throw and go asphalt repair product in a fraction of the time. Patch potholes, overlay "alligatored" sections of asphalt, fix parking lot edges and repair asphalt surfaces after utility or sewer work.

Time, machinery and labor can all be cut in half with this permanent asphalt repair. With a temporary cold patch, the crew would have to return later to re-patch the asphalt repair with hot asphalt, but EZ Street asphalt repair is a permanent fix the first time. EZ Street Cold Asphalt – Permanent Asphalt Repair.

Asphalt repair and parking lot repair guide

Many property owners and managers spend less time thinking about their parking lot facilities and asphalt repair than they do buildings, utilities, information technology, water infrastructure and perhaps even the landscaping. But what do they do if there’s a parking lot repair problem with the asphalt pavement? Ignore it? Park a car over the problem? Paint it Day-Glo orange and surround it with hazard cones?

If your enterprise has a parking lot, you have to consider pavement repair and asphalt repair an important investment. Asphalt and the overall condition of parking facilities are the first contact that customers or employees have with your business. It can make a good impression – or a bad one.

Just as important, you want to be sure your parking lot pavement remains a property asset and not a liability. When potholes or other breaks in the asphalt lead to accidents, bodily injury or damage to vehicles, you can become financially responsible for those losses. Consider these questions about your parking lot asphalt repair and whether it contributes to your business – or if ignoring asphalt repair could lead to the loss of many thousands of dollars in personal injury and property damage lawsuits. Asphalt repair in a parking lot is essential.

Asphalt Repair Made EZ

EZ Street cold asphalt can be used for performing all types of permanent asphalt repair. It works in water and in all weather. Asphalt repair, driveway repair and parking lot repair are all made EZ with EZ Street cold asphalt.