Do I Need A Contractor?

Do I Need A Contractor?

Does asphalt repair require a contractor (i.e., is it a big job)?

When repairs are serious and extensive, an asphalt repair contractor may be required. But for the random pothole, it is possible to complete asphalt repair with EZ Street cold asphalt. A crew might do it, but a single individual is all that is required. Most importantly, an individual can repair small potholes before they get bigger.

EZ Street cold patch is used by professionals, but is also sold at retail (e.g., True Value, Ferguson Waterworks) because anyone can work with it. Taking the D-I-Y approach can save you hundreds of dollars.

Does parking lot pothole repair take a long time?

It is possible to repair minor potholes using EZ Street cold asphalt in less than a half hour. Non-professionals can easily work with EZ Street cold patch to accomplish parking lot repair – it's that simple. EZ Street cold patch is ready to use asphalt repair right out of the bag with no mixing needed. It is also instantly ready for traffic. Reopen your parking lot or driveway to traffic immediately after you perform the asphalt repair.

Is special equipment required to repair parking lot pavement potholes?

No special equipment is required for this asphalt repair. The pothole or other area in need of an asphalt repair only needs to be cleared of loose debris with a broom or rake. Apply EZ Street cold asphalt with a shovel in 2 inch lifts (layers), after which you can compact it with a hand tamp or your car or truck tire by rolling over the material to compact it.